If you are considering getting your roof replaced, or getting the tiles updated and weatherproofed, an important step of the process is choosing new tiles that fit your house. At Planet Roofing, we provide the most attractive and best functioning tiles on the market because we know that roofing in Denver can mean your roof goes under a lot of stress in the hectic and sometimes random weather in Colorado. There are three separates series of tiles that we provide to our customers, each with their own individual strengths, let’s discuss them in greater detail.

First, we have the GAF Timberline Series, and the Timberline Impact Resistant Series. Both of these styles are designed to be the most functional and safe roof for your home. They come in all sorts of different colors, and depending on the color of your house, they compliment the exterior of your home really well. Our installers can assist you choose a color of tile that fits your house and home.

Finally, we offer the Grand Sequoia Impact Resistant Series. The design on these tiles are a little more modern, but still provide the homeowner with a efficient and strong roof that stands up to any of the hail or stormy weather that Colorado can throw at it. Even though the tiles have a unique look, they are still easy to maintain and clean once they are installed.

There are even more tiling options than what we can discuss here, if you are interested in getting your roof replaced, set up an inspection with us so we can start a dialogue!