Now that the leaves are turning and the air is brisk, you have probably thought about your gutters at least once – all the leaves that have been so lovely all summer are about to fall, and some of them will end up in your gutters.

Many of us know that getting your gutters cleaned in the fall is a good idea. But did you know that you should also get them cleaned in the spring as well? Professionals recommend these two cleanings at minimum to keep your home in good shape.

We are headed toward the fall cleaning, which is incredibly important. This cleaning will allow winter’s precipitation to drain away from your roof and out of your gutters, which will protect your roof from water damage and your gutters from rust. Fall gutter cleaning is the easiest, too. The leaves are generally dry and not compressed, which makes it easy to scoop them out.

The spring cleaning is important, because you need to clear the way for spring rains (if you get them). A roof leak is not a fun way to start the warmer season. Neither is replacing your gutters.

The key to healthy gutters is cleaning them right when they get full – not before, and not after. If you clean before, you are wasting energy. If you clean after, the muck will have settled, clogged, and filled up with bugs if it’s summer.

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