Fall is a time of battening down the hatches – trimming bushes and plants, raking up leaves, and inspecting your home and its systems before the cold sets in. Make sure the wellbeing of your roof is on your checklist!

We know that fitting a roof inspection into your busy fall home maintenance can seem like an unnecessary hassle, so, in the following three blogs, we will list nine reasons you should get your roof inspected.

  1. Storm damage
    • We are coming off the season of high winds, hail, and rain … not to mention merciless sun. Damage from fallen tree branches or lost shingles are things you do not want your roof to have during winter. There may not even be dramatic damage. Instead, this may be your opportunity to catch a problem while it is still small.
  2. Weathering and aging
    • Whatever material your roof is made of, it has a certain lifespan. You have the power to make it longer by keeping tabs on it. As your roof gets older, openings will appear in its defenses. Keeping up with these is a great way to avoid huge repairs and keep your costs down.
  3. Damage from routine maintenance
    • If you have had tradespeople walking on your roof to tend to your air conditioner or chimney, they may have damaged your roof in the process or forgotten to clean up. Include your roof in your routine maintenance – it will do wonders for your peace of mind!

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