Asphalt shingles are currently the most popular shingles in the world of roofing. They last a long time and are versatile in appearance.

When it comes to roofing a house with them, you have two options:

  1. Remove all the existing shingles and put down new.
  2. Put down new shingles over the existing layer.

People argue for both methods.

Layering shingles

  • This can look especially attractive to people doing their own roofing, because removing shingles before putting more down is a large job.
  • Even worse, if you have stripped your roof and the weather goes bad, you’re in trouble.
  • The main problem with layering your shingles is that you’re not fixing existing problems.
  • If your current roof has waves, bumps, or bubbles, putting new shingles over will not help.
  • Additionally, adding a whole second layer opens up opportunities for water to go places it should not – and you’d never know.

New layer

  • People who use roofing companies do not have these worries – most roofs can be stripped in a morning when professionals are involved, and new shingles are put down quickly.

At the end of the day, the effectiveness of roofs lies in their simplicity. And because your roof is your main line of defense against water, you will want a system so simple that you know exactly what is going on. At Planet Roofing, it is our mission to give you a waterproof, sturdy roof that you can depend on for decades. Check out our promotions and services today!