At Planet Roofing and Solar, we know how Colorado winters treat roofs. Heavy snow and icy temperatures interspersed with periods of strong sunlight creates a challenging situation that lasts for months on end. This constant temperature fluctuation and the freezing/melting it causes can be a problem, but it does not have to be. If you get your roof inspected and repaired this fall by Planet Roofing and Solar, your roof will be more than ready to handle everything winter can throw at it.

Your roof is your home’s first defense against the elements, and it needs to be made of the best materials in order to survive the brunt of winter’s abuse. We understand this, so we use only the very finest roofing products.  We use GAF roofing supplies, which are second to none. These rugged shingles have been highly rated for years and featured in many magazines. We want your roof to last decades, and GAF makes it possible.

We understand that keeping your roof in the best shape does not always involve complete replacement. Sometimes, all you need is a repair. A few shingles may have come off this summer, or a falling branch may have damaged your roof. Planet Roofing and Solar can come in and carefully fix the issue, leaving your roof stronger than before and your bank account happy.

There is no roofing company that can compare the Planet Roofing and Solar. We are truly Denver’s very best roofer. Contact us for premier roofing services today.