Large blue solar panels cover roof on house

If you live in Denver, then it’s time to learn about the unique advantages of going solar in our fair city.

The solar industry has made great strides across the entire country. Where there used to be only one or two homes that utilized solar energy, you can now find many solar panels on individual homes, as well as solar communities that power entire neighborhoods. Solar panels can help you save energy no matter where you live, but here in Denver, there are many unique advantages of going solar that you won’t experience in any other city. The following is a list from our solar panel installers in Colorado of just a few of the many reasons to go solar in Denver:

#1. Sunshine

Since solar panels rely on the sun to power your home, there’s no better place to utilize solar than in Denver. Here in Denver, the sky is often a clear, forget-me-not blue, and, at least according to the Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation, we have an average of 300 sunny days every year, which is more sunshine than you would get in either Miami or San Diego. While the exact number of sunny days that we get may be arguable, there’s no denying that we enjoy plenty of sunshine here in Denver.

#2.  Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC)

The ITC is a 30 percent federal tax credit that you can take advantage of when you purchase a solar system for commercial or residential properties. Although this tax credit is available to people in all cities and states, many people in Denver have taken advantage of it, because it gives you a dollar-per-dollar reduction on your income taxes. The ITC has helped increase solar installations by 1,600 percent since 2006!

#3. Solar Permitting

In order to install a solar system on your home or business, you need a permit from the city. In other cities, acquiring that kind of permit can take weeks or, in some cities, even months! Plus, you’ll have to deal with an exhausting amount of paperwork. Luckily, Denver has set out to make it easier to get the permits you need. The city of Denver offers same-day permit reviews so that you can both apply for and get approved for a permit in the same day!

#4. Solar*Rewards®

Here in Colorado, as well as in a few other states, Excel Energy offers their own incentives for going solar. The Solar*Rewards program is Excel’s rebate program for solar systems throughout Colorado. This rebate applies to all solar system, regardless of whether they are residential, commercial or industrial, and it helps to make going solar much more affordable for many people.

#5. Net Metering

With net metering, your solar system is directly tied to the city’s utility grid. That means that any excess electricity that is generated from your solar panels will be fed back into the grid. Not only will this help you to save on your utilities, but that energy that you put back into the grid could even help you to make a few bucks. Unlike in some cities, where you don’t get any money back for the excess energy generated by your solar panels, in Denver, you get energy credits. Net metering has helped many solar systems on homes and businesses throughout Denver to practically pay for themselves!

Now that you know about the benefits of choosing to go solar in Denver, it’s time to learn about your payment options! Stay tuned for our next blog to learn about your options for paying for your new solar systems, and contact the experts at Planet Roofing to find out if going solar is the right choice for you!