House with large solar panels on roof

Denver roofing companies are coming around to the idea that solar is the way to go. And why not? Colorado is the perfect place for it. Here at Planet Roofing and Solar, we know a thing or two about solar. We have years of experience staying up on the cutting edge of solar energy and installations in the Denver area. Through this we’ve really come to appreciate the Front Range and Colorado in general as a real contender in creating ample solar energy. Here’s why:

Solar Power Friendly Weather

Although our weather is known more for blizzards, floods, and forest fires, we actually get a lot of pure sunshine. Colorado averages 300 days of sunshine, and unlike other parts of the country, we get sunshine in spurts throughout the winter. Even through the height of the rainy season, we get sunshine in the mornings and storms in the afternoon—for the most part. This points to a wonderful conclusion that solar panels can be a viable options for your home year round.

Solar Power System Friendly Utilities

We all wish that tax season was a bit easier. With solar it can be. The green energy revolutions can’t be stopped. It really is the future, and the government is only further incentivizing people to get a head start on this future with personal energy production. Not only is the weather ideal (not Arizona ideal, but close), but the state and federal government offers multi-thousand dollar tax rebates for your solar installation. That sounds like a sweet deal to us!

Solar Panels Pay for Themselves

Here in Colorado, a range of utility companies and municipalities also offer compensation for putting energy back into the grid, unfortunately it’s not a one-to-one trade, but it adds up over time. This is especially true during the summer when solar energy peeks in efficiency and when being out or in the home puts energy from your solar panels back to the grid. For example, companies like Xcel Energy pay $2 per watt for electrical production. Given this, the average home in Colorado using Xcel energy would save $57,343 over a 25-year lifetime of the solar power system.

If you are looking for solar installation in Colorado, look no further than Planet Roofing and Solar. Check us out today!