If you’re interested in ecofriendly roofing, you’re in good company! Thousands of home and business owners are pursuing roofs that not only save them money – but also save the environment as well. At Planet Roofing, we love our state of Colorado, and we’re dedicated to doing our part in keeping it healthy for future generations. That is why we are going to use the next few blogs to explore different types of “green” roofs!

Green Roof

We thought we’d kick it off with a literally green roof! This roof is basically a garden on top of your business or home. It provides superior insulation, cleans the air, and reduces the rainwater runoff. Best of all, it is beautiful. However, a roof like this can cost a lot to install, especially if you need to reinforce structures to handle the weight of dirt and plants. It can be a fantastic option for green thumbs!

White RoofPlanetRoofingQuotation1

White and light-colored roofs are known as “cool roofs.” They reflect the sun away from the building and keep it cooler. As a result, cooling bills go down and the “heat island” lessens. If you get light asphalt shingles, remember that they can be difficult to recycle, and you may just want to go with a metal roof instead.

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