Ecofriendly roofs have gained popularity for a long time and will continue to do so as more helpful innovations come down the pipeline. This is great news for home and business owners wanting to save money while supporting the environment. Modern roofs are made to do those two very things – and many of them are recyclable to boot.

In our last blog, we went over two types of ecofriendly roofs, including green roofs made of gardens and light-colored roofs that keep structures cooler in the summer. Today, we have two more environmentally-kind roofs for you to consider.

Standing-Seam Metal RoofPlanetRoofingQuotation2

This type of roof consists of long, interlocking metal panels and can be any color you want. Though it is more expensive than asphalt shingles and requires special strategies when it comes to snow, it is one of the most durable roofs out there. Even better, it reflects light well and is recyclable.

Wood Shingle or Shake Roof

Wooden roofs are fully natural and biodegradable, which makes them one of the most environmentally-friendly roofs out there. Make sure you get the shingles from sustainably-managed forests and keep in mind they are flammable and should not be used in fire-prone areas. It is also important to realize that wooden roofs cost as much as metal roofs and last about half as long. They are best for people who feel very strongly about the aesthetic of wooden shingles.

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