For some homeowners, leaks are simple, nonthreatening problems that don’t require immediate attention. If you’ve had a leaky roof for a while, however, you may have to deal with more issues than just those holes on your roof. Today, your trusted Denver roofing contractor at Planet Roofing has some serious issues that leaks may cause in your home.

  1. Insulation Damage. When water seeps through your shingles, it can reach the insulation in your attic. If this happens, it can result in the clumping of the insulation. When you don’t have enough insulation, your roof may be prone to ice dam formation this winter.
  2. Fire Risk. If leaks on your roof have damaged your attic insulation, there is a risk that water may come in contact with your electrical wiring, which may lead to an open circuit. This will put your home at risk of fire.
  3. Mold Growth. If your attic insulation is exposed to water, the attic may become a breeding ground for mold. If undetected, it may cause different health problems, including respiratory issues.
  4. Structural Damage. Leaks may expose different parts of your roof to water, which may lead to rotting. Holes on your roof may cause water to run along the decking, wall, and frame. Constant exposure to moisture may cause the entire structure to lose its strength. Over time, the walls may bow, and your roof may sag. When it reaches this point, repairs and replacements may create a serious dent on your finances.

Avoid these dangers and prevent costly repairs or replacements by making sure your roof is always in top condition. Schedule inspection and maintenance for your roofing in Denver CO regularly so you can solve problems before they worsen.