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Holidays can be hard on roofs. 

As soon as Thanksgiving is over, many people break out their outdoor holiday decorations. Soon, many streets look so festive, it’s difficult not to get into the holiday spirit as you drive by. As roofers, it’s an interesting time of year. While roofs take plenty of abuse from the elements, the holidays are the one time they sometimes receive it from humans. It’s hard not to look at some decorations and wonder how long it will be before the decorators are giving us a call!

The good news is, you can win your neighborhood decorating competition without paying the price in roof repairs. In today’s blog, we are going to share some essential dos and don’ts when it comes to decorating and your roof.

DON’T: Nail anything into your shingles.

  • As we all know, Colorado winters are not kind to shingles. The temperatures, wind, and snow take their toll. If you nail decorations into the shingles, you create dozens of little leaks, ultimately undermining your shingles’ ability to do their job. Additionally, weight can damage shingles. With January, February, March, April, and even May on the way with more snow, you need to ensure your roof can stand up to months of winter weather after the holidays.

DO: Put figures, cardboard cutouts, and statues on your lawn.

  • Everyone will be able to enjoy these decorations from your lawn, where they won’t damage your roof and risk blowing away.

DON’T: Put inflatables beside other objects that could hurt them.

  • Inflatables are tons of fun. There are new types to enjoy every year, and they can get very elaborate. When you’re thinking of where to place an inflatable, don’t just think about where people will see it most easily. Make sure you keep safety in mind, too. For example, maybe everyone will see your inflatable most easily on one end of your roof. However, if you have to put it by the chimney, it’s time to find a new inflatable location. Avoid tree branches, vents, and power lines.

DO: Place inflatables where they won’t touch anything but the roof beneath them.

  • By doing this, you avoid possible fires, electrocution, punctures, and blockages. Staying safe is always worth the extra effort, and so is saving money on roof repairs!

The team at Planet Roofing wants your Christmas to be all it can be. By following our tips, you’ll get the best of both worlds: fantastic freedom to decorate and freedom from roof damages. Learn more from the best of the roofing companies in Denver!

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