PlanetRoofingQuotation11Your roof is made up of tough parts that need to work together. When one part of the system has trouble, the rest of the roof is negatively affected. Though the shingles are the most visible part of the roof, they cannot do their job without the rest of the parts. In the next two blogs, we are going to look at the unsung heroes of the roof and what it looks like when they’re having trouble.


The fascia is essentially roof trim, and it’s made of sheet metal or wood boards. It creates a pleasing aesthetic by making a nice transition between roof and wall. However, it serves a more serious function as well: it blocks the weather from getting inside your home. As with most parts of a roof, moisture is its number-one enemy. When it’s having trouble, it will start to rust or warp with rot. If you notice damage, contact us immediately so we can address the issue and give you peace of mind!


Shingles form the main body of the roof, but without flashings, they would be compromised in months. Flashings seal the entire roof system, including walls, drains, valleys, permimeters, and penetrations. That means dormer windows, chimneys, vents, and more. Wherever the shingles are interrupted, you need flashing or you’ll get water in all the wrong places. It rarely comes loose, but when it’s having trouble, you’ll see it rusting or simply wearing away.

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