PlanetRoofingQuotation12Keeping your home or business safe and dry begins with the roof. Every day, a system of highly-innovated systems works together to protect you and your property from the elements, and we know how to keep it going strong. In our last blog, we went over two parts of your roof that usually go unnoticed, including the fascia and flashings. Today, we explore two more important players in your roof’s wellbeing!


This is the exposed underside of your roof’s overhang. Many times, it features holes that create air circulation. These vents pull heat and moisture away from your home. It keeps your attic ventilated and prevents the sheathing and rafters from rotting. Best of all, because it regulates your attic temperature, it helps keep your home comfortable. Its biggest weakness is cracks and holes that allow water, small animals, and insects into your attic. Keep an eye on it to make sure it is going strong. If it needs work, contact Planet Roofing.


Your gutters’ job is to carry water away from your house’s foundation. When they have trouble, your house has trouble. The fact is, they are very vulnerable to getting clogged, and when that happens, you end up with mold and mildew issues. They need to be kept clear, because if things get too backed up, the gutter gets heavy and starts to pull away.

Planet Roofing is on a mission to keep Denver’s businesses and homes safe and dry. Contact us today for dependable roofing services!