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At first glance, it seems that grass and roofs have nothing in common. In fact, one could argue they are opposites. However, grass roofs are making a comeback. Yes, think roofs of old. In this blog post, Planet Roofing and Solar, the best roofing company in Denver, endeavors to explain why grass and roofs have become best friends once again. Contact us today for all of your residential roofing and commercial roofing needs!


Grass roofs (otherwise known as green roofs or living roofs) are roofs covered with vegetation, usually grass, over some sort of layering to keep out moisture and provide something for the roots to grasp onto. Grass roofs are nothing new. In ancient times, grass roofs were quite common, consisting of a sod base with earth and plants on top. They were excellent protection from the elements, provided good insulation during the winter, trapping heat in, and cooling the home in the summer. Problems came in the form of water leaks and critters burrowing within.

Modern roofing solved the leaking and critter problems and in the 1970s, grass roofs began to make a comeback, beginning in Germany. There are many benefits to grass roofs.


  • Absorbs the elements. Ice dams are never a problem with grass roofs, as well as other types of common roofing problems, such as pooling water. Green roofs absorb stormwater, thus helping to reduce flooding as rainwater does not instantly flow off roofs when a large amount of water falls.
  • Provides insulation. This helps to reduce energy costs overall, which also helps the environment since your air conditioning and heating are running less.
  • Creates a habitat for wildlife. In ancient times, people didn’t want critters living in their roofs. Nowadays, we love those furry little rodents that beg for peanuts, birds that sing early in the day, and butterflies that flitter our world with color.
  • Eco-friendly. There’s no other roofing material that is environmentally-friendly as grass roofs. Grass removes carbon dioxide and other pollutants from the air, returning life-giving oxygen in return.
  • Decreases stress. Green is a cool color that is refreshing, tranquil, and calming. The color green has been shown to improve reading ability, relieve stress, and help heal.
  • Reduces the Urban Heat Island Effect. This is a condition where large urban environments can absorb and trap heat. This is important because this extra increase in temperature can increase energy costs for residents, which increases gas emissions to fuel the energy as well as can increase heat-related illnesses and deaths.

So with all the benefits, why are more people not turning to green roofs to reduce their carbon footprint? Answer is the cost. Green roofs cost two to three times as much as asphalt roofs. Similar to solar roofing, green roofs, albeit a great idea, just are cost prohibitive to most people.

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