We are Colorado’s professional roofers, providing the Denver area with premium-quality roofing and solar services. From beginning to end, our local roofer in Denver has built a process and a business around the needs of our customers. Over the past few years, severe storms including wind, tornado and hail have occurred with more intensity producing extensive property damage consisting of: damaged roofs, siding, windows and more. Hailstones can measure any where from .2 inches to 6 inches in diameter. Can you imagine what 6 inches of frozen ice can do to your home? If you think your home has experienced roof hail damage in Denver, follow these tips:

  1. Either evaluate the damage or have an expert from Plant Roofing coming out and evaluate it for you. Be careful of any broken glass or other materials that could cause harm and make sure to wear appropriate shoes. Check trees and other plants around your home, chances are if they are stripped of foliage your roof may have damage.
  2. Try to prevent your home from further damage. Cover up broken windows with plywood or plastic. A house window can be temporarily covered with plywood cut to fit the window until a replacement is bought, while a car window can be sealed with good quality plastic and heavy tape. Also cover any holes in your roof, but keep in mind that safety is a concern and take the necessary safety precautions. We can cover these holes up for you and as professionals, it’s much safer to call us than try to do it yourself.
  3. File a claim! Call your insurance agent as soon as you find damage. Most homeowner’s policies cover hail damage and your insurance agent will be able to notify you of your coverage.