House roof covered with solar panels

Solar energy is a great resource that keeps getting better. Here at Planet Roofing and Solar, we know Solar well. We install cutting-edge solar technology for a fair rate in Denver, Colorado. A lot of people have questions regarding our solar energy systems, and particularly, why solar is worth it.

Reduce or Eliminate Your Electric Bill

The electric bill can really climb, especially in the summer when AC units are humming all over Denver and drawing massive amounts of energy from the electrical grid. Luckily, solar panels produce energy year round, and are especially effective in the summer—a paneled roof can not only reduce your electric bill, but it can also eliminate it or get you money back.

Really High ROI

Yeah, solar can be an investment, but it’s an investment that pays for itself. Over time it saves on electrical bills, or if you have enough, you can start to earn your energy credit depending on your municipality or the energy company that provides for our area. Returns can rival that of stock investments in sunny areas like this.

Get Independent

It would be fantastic to never have to deal with all of those energy bills and having to be on a grid. Now, you can at least take a step closer by installing a solar power system. Having solar panels means that so long as the sun is shining, you have access to power, giving you a valuable resource in the event of energy shortages. They also hedge the rising energy costs and allow you to make up a bit of that difference.

Increase Property Value

Even if you’re not planning on being around for the whole lifespan of your solar power, having solar panels installed is a great investment as it increases property value. When appraisers come around, they take notice of your little rooftop power plant, and take it as a positive because it will save the next homebuyer money and give them most of the perks above without having to buy the installation itself.

Planet Roofing and Solar is your choice for roofing and solar solutions in the Denver area. Contact us or browse our pages to get you started on your solar.