dreamstime_7442333If you look up and see that the edges of your shingles aren’t parallel to the gutters, you may have a problem. Wavy shingles happen for several reasons and usually indicate an issue. We recommend you get your roof inspected, but we are going to take the next few blogs to give you some insights so you know what to expect.

Damaged Roof Decking

Below the shingles and felt is a layer of plywood that forms the deck of the roof. When it has issues, the rest of your roof will amplify them. Sometimes water reaches the plywood; other times, the decking is badly constructed. When we inspect your roof for free, we will go in your attic to look for sagging, rotting, or cracked roof deck. If any is found, we will carefully replace it.

Felt Paper Issues

If there is any wavy shingle culprit you should hope for, this is it. When a roof is installed, a layer of felt paper is always laid below the shingles. If it is bubbly or wet when applied, it will give the shingles on top of it a wavy appearance. The good news is, a few weeks of warm sun will get it to lay flat. If weeks go by and the inconsistencies don’t go away, you know you have a different issue on your hands.

If your roofing looks wavy, don’t ignore it – contact Planet Roofing for a free roof inspection. We have provided the best roofing services in Denver for years, and we have the expertise to get to the heart of the problem and return your peace of mind to you!