PlanetRoofingQuotation10Are you considering fixing your roof this summer? Maybe you’ve lost a few shingles and it looks like an easy repair job. Just do some research, get out the ladder, and get it done, right?

Unfortunately, DIY roofing is one of the least-advisable summer projects out there. Not only is it dangerous, your roof is a precise system made of interlocking pieces that stand between your property and all the elements. In short, it’s a system you cannot afford to make mistakes on. That is why getting an experienced professional is both smarter and cheaper.

In our last blog, we went into some specific reasons why you should leave roof work to the professionals, including depth of experience and cost-effectiveness. Today, we have two more reasons for you to give us a call!

Danger from Falls, Weather, and Insectsdreamstime_xxl_6014030

  • If you are allergic to stings from wasps and bees, roof work presents a significant threat to you. These stinging insects love to build nests in the eaves of houses, and they don’t like to be disturbed.
  • Over 2,000 people die by falling off roofs each year, and that’s including professional roofers. If even pros can have accidents, the chances of DIY roofers getting injured is even higher. Back injuries and sprained ankles are just a few of the injuries that can lay you up the rest of the summer.
  • From morning dew to afternoon showers, the weather can make your roof more treacherous than ever. Roofs don’t always look as slick as they really are, and you are more exposed to gusts of wind up there.

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