Roofing materials on both residential and commercial structures have to endure a wide range of temperatures and precipitation, as well as continuous exposure to sunlight. Sooner or later, these factors will take their toll. All roofs require repair at some point and, eventually, replacement.

A free roof damage inspection in Denver by Planet Roofing and Solar can identify small issues that progress to the point of undermining the integrity of the roof and structure. Leaks can form that are not readily detectable, weakening wood and rusting metals, while producing mold and water damage, which may go on for months without the right roof inspection services and before any physical signs alert a tenant. Shingles loosened in previous years often flap and allow water to be blown underneath, only to lay flat again in calmer conditions, going unnoticed during a cursory, visual inspection. Old or dry-rotted shingles typically appear to be no different than those in good condition.

Our roof inspection service in Denver will thoroughly check for all of these possibilities and provide a free roofing estimate for any problems found. There is no obligation to contract our roofing services for the actual roof repair, but we’re hoping that you will be completely satisfied with our inspection and our fair pricing and choose Planet Roofing and Solar for all of your roofing repair, maintenance, replacement and installation needs. In addition to our free roof inspection, we also offer some other free home services through our promotions program. Check them out!

So contact us today and get started with a free inspection to diagnose the health of your roof!