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We aim to only provide you with the absolute best in customer service and roofing services in the Denver area. That’s why it’s important to us to stick with our professional process, which is designed with you in mind. We know that living in a construction zone isn’t easy, so we only employ and train the most highly-skilled local roofers and we operate quickly and efficiently to give you a quality roof or roof repair and to be out of your hair as soon as possible. From roof inspections to repairs to reroofing, Planet Roofing can do it all for your Denver-area home.

Denver Roof Inspections

Roofing materials have to endure a wide range of temperatures and weather, as well as continuous exposure to sunlight. Sooner or later, all roofs require repair and, eventually, replacement.

Free roof inspections by Planet Roofing and Solar will identify small issues that progress to the point of undermining the integrity of the roof and structure. Leaks can form that are not readily detectable, weakening wood and rusting metals, while producing mold and water damage, which may go on for months before any physical signs alert a tenant. Shingles loosened in previous years often flap and allow water to be blown underneath, only to lay flat again in calmer conditions, going unnoticed during a cursory, visual inspection. Old or dry-rotted shingles typically appear to be no different than those in good condition.

The inspector will thoroughly check for all of these possibilities and provide a free roofing estimate for any problems found. We take the surprise out of roof repairs, so you can count on our inspection to be thorough so that our estimate is accurate.

Denver Roof Replacement

When the time comes, Planet Roofing and Solar is the company you can trust for roof replacement in Denver. Just like everything else in life, eventually any roof is going to wear out. If you’ve lived in Denver for awhile, you know your roof can be damaged by wind or hail. After a storm, complete the form to your left for a free roofing inspection and we’ll let you know whether you are a candidate for a roof replacement or if your roof can be repaired.

If your roof has been damaged by the weather we face here in Colorado, we can not only provide expert roof replacement, but we will also represent you in your insurance negotiations as well. Getting a fair settlement from your insurance company is just as important as the roof replacement itself. If you didn’t know it, your insurance company employs a professional claims adjuster whose main goal is to pay the smallest claim possible in order to protect the company’s profits. You should employ the services of a Planet Roofing and Solar expert who can stand up to the claims adjuster and go to bat for your real roofing needs. We are the professionals to get your roof repaired or replaced properly.

Denver Re-Roofing

Reroofing your Denver-area home is a major construction project, and Planet Roofing and Solar strives to make the experience as painless as possible. One of the ways we do this is by using only the most reliable roofing products available on the market. After all, we’re taking your roof off completely, putting it back on, and in some cases adding a layer of plywood deck to nail the new shingles to. That’s why we utilize large, highly-skilled crews to complete the process as quickly as possible. Living in a construction zone is enough of an inconvenience in itself, so we don’t want to make that intrusion last any longer than it has to.

Another thing to consider is the fact that when your roof is off, your home is vulnerable to the weather conditions. We not only do our job as quickly as we can, we do it in sections that can be removed and replaced in short periods of time. We don’t tear off your roof and hope we can get it back on before it rains! We never compromise our quality for the sake of speed. That’s why there is a method to our approach and it’s designed to keep you and your belongings high and dry, and to have you back to normal within a couple of days.

We Offer Many Residential Roofing Products

GAF Certified Installer

Certainteed- NorthGate

DECRA- Stone Coated Steel Products

DaVinci Roofscapes- Polymer Roofing System


Try to Avoid “Storm Chaser” Scams

In the aftermath of severe thunderstorms and hail damage in Denver, Colorado, so-called “storm chasers” travel through out the state soliciting homeowners who are eager for repairs. These are legitimate non-local contractors who perform storm damage repairs, but unfortunately, many storm chasers operate unethically. In the worst scenario, such companies collect money for repairs and perform subpar work or no work at all. The homeowner is often deserted after such a scam, with no recourse as the contractor has disappeared from the area. Planet Roofing ensures local, high quality work with a complete warranty that covers your roof in the event of future leaks. The most effective approach to avoiding a storm chaser scam is to always hire a local, well reputed roofing company to complete storm damage repair and offer a full warranty of their work.


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