Sometimes people think that roofing companies have to specialize in either home roofs or commercial roofs. This is not the case! At Planet Roofing, we have extensive experience with all types of roofs, including the flat roofs so common to commercial buildings. We are very familiar with Colorado’s climate and what it does to roofs, so we are the experts you want to use when it’s time to get roof work done. In our last blog, we shared some good questions to ask a roofer. Here are more!

  1. How long will the the warranty on my roof be?
    • You want to hear: 25 years at minimum
    • Modern shingles last longer, and you should have a warranty that reflects this. Do not forget to ask this question.
  2. What will you do if the weather turns bad?
    • You want to hear: Use tarps and plastic to cover the job
    • The interior of your home must be protected no matter what. If you are at work while your roof is worked on, it is hard to make sure your home is protected when the weather turns bad.
    • Ensure that your roofer has a plan for bad weather. If it rains and the rain goes for multiple days, will they come check the covering? What if there are winds? How will the protection be secured?

As we’ve said, when you take care of your roof, it can take care of you. A healthy roof is a huge source of peace of mind. When you work with Denver’s best roofing company, you can rest assured that your roof will be in the best shape it’s ever been. Contact us today for honest, dedicated, skilled roofing services.

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