There is nothing like a solid roof to give a person peace of mind. A good roof offers the ultimate protection from the elements and allows you and your family to live their lives. Just like anything, a roof is fantastic when it’s working and a huge stressor when something is wrong.

In our last blog, we answered several common questions that are asked by roof owners. We are passionate about providing the best roofing services in Denver, and knowing our stuff is part of it. Read on as we share more of our extensive knowledge.

  • My house’s roof has a slope of 11 degrees. The manufacturer of my asphalt shingles says they can be used on my roof, but my contractor does not agree. Who is correct?
      1. While there are some roofing codes and manufacturers that allow asphalt shingles on that type of slope, but the NRCA does not recommend it.
      2. Because asphalt roofs depend on gravity to shed water, if your roof is not steep enough, the shingles will not be effective.
  • My contractor re-used the existing flashings on my roof.
    1. Does your contract specify replacing the flashings? If it does not, this task does not need to be done. Make sure everything you need to be done in on the contract before you sign it.

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