As the owner of a home or business, you are responsible for your roof. When you let a roofing company share that responsibility, it’s important that they hold up their end of the deal! At Planet Roofing, we understand the crucial role of the roof in any building, and we are dedicated to treating every roof like it’s our own. If you have a company other than Planet Roofing working on your roof, here are some common roofing mistakes you need to keep an eye out for.

Failing to install starter shingles (or to install them properly)

Laying down starter shingles along the eaves of your roof is never optional. Without these shingles, water will get under your shingles and cause thousands of dollars in damages. If your roofer fails to install these, fire them and get someone else immediately.

Sloppy Nail WorkPlanetRoofingQuotation5

Every shingle should get at least four nails in it. If your roof is steeper, each shingle should have six nails. The nails should never be pounded in above or into the self-sealing strip. Improperly-nailed shingles end up falling off, unable to hold up against the elements. Don’t let this happen to your roof.

Planet Roofing knows what it takes to give you a roof that will be rock-solid for decades, and we always treat your property with care. We consider it a privilege to help keep the roofs of Denver’s homes and businesses like new. Don’t hesitate to contact us for free roof inspection and more today!