Being ready for winter is one of the best ways to enjoy the season. At Planet Roofing and Solar, we want you to feel cozy and peaceful in your home during the winter months, and that is why we use the very best roofing materials and bring our decades of experience to every job. We understand that every roof is different, and we are committed to doing what it takes to ensure your whole home makes it through the winter in great shape.

In our last blog, we discussed ice dams. These are buildups of ice that result from the freezing-thawing pattern that is so powerful during winter. It is especially strong in Colorado, where our storms are interspersed with days of bright, warm sunlight. Ice dams prevent melted snow from draining off your roof, and the built up water often finds paths between your shingles and causes interior leaks.

So, what can you do? There isn’t much that can be done without damaging your roof after ice dams form. Some people install ice dam cables that heat up, but that is not the best idea, because the cables heat your roof and bring electricity up into a water-filled environment. The other option is to make sure your roof is up-to-date. Newer roofs include barriers installed where ice dams form – the eaves.

Planet Roofing and Solar can provide the modern roof you need to get snugly through the winter without the stress of band-aid solutions. Contact Denver’s premier roofing company today to learn more.