Proper installation is vital to achieving a well-functioning roof that can withstand the elements out here in Colorado. Although many roofers may guarantee this, it may not be easy to determine a roof that is installed correctly until problems arise. Here at Planet Roofing, your reliable Denver roofing contractors, we always make sure the job gets done correctly the first time – just ask any of our past customers! Here are some signs that your roof may be installed poorly.

  1. Leaks are common issues caused by poor installation. Roof may experience serious leaks due to flashing that is fastened incorrectly. If the flashing is facing away from the valley or it is on top of the shingles, then it is not installed correctly. If your installer failed to use enough fasteners and caulking to secure the roof, the valley flashing may buckle, causing moisture and water to seep through. Shingles, on the other hand, may be blown easily by the wind when placed improperly and nailed inadequately.
  2. For built-up roofs, issues concerning adhesion arise when the area is not cleaned and primed well before the installation. Moreover, blisters, sliding of felts and faster aging manifest when the hot bituminous roof system is attached inadequately due to asphalt being heated to wrong temperature.

A faulty roof may result in major and costly damage to your property. Don’t let a defective roof cause troubles to your home, address the signs of a bad roof immediately by calling your Denver roofing contractors at Planet Roofing!