House with Christmas decorations and lights throughout yard

It is possible to enjoy your holiday decorations while preserving your roof so it can keep you warm and dry all winter long.

Do you love to decorate for the holidays? When you’re finished, does your house rival Clark Griswold’s? At Planet Roofing, we are all for your house being a beacon of holiday spirit to your street, neighborhood, town, county, and state. We just want to make sure you don’t end up with expensive roof damages that need attention when January and February roll around. Colorado winters are no joking matter, and we are here to be your closest ally.

In our last blog, we went over 2 major dos and don’ts of holiday decorations on your roof. Today, we have two more, so make sure you don’t miss out – read on!

DON’T: Staple your lights to your roof

  • You know that scene in a Griswold Family Christmas when Clark goes bananas stapling Christmas lights in a grid on his roof? Yeah, he was setting himself up for roof replacement. We understand why he did it: it wasn’t as bad as nailing into his shingles, right? Unfortunately, damage is damage. Staples damage shingles as well as siding. They fall out of fiber cement. They have to be re-done every year. Lastly, they’re just plain dangerous to apply. You don’t want to end up hanging from your gutters.

DO: Use clips for your lights

  • Christmas light clips easily attach to your gutters and beyond without requiring any type of damage. They’ll hold your lights up dependably and will be pain-free to remove and reuse. Just make sure you don’t put so many clips and lights on your gutters that you weigh them down significantly. In that same vein, avoid hanging any heavy decorations from your gutters. Not only can they warp gutters, they act as icicle homes and may fall off in the wind.

DON’T: Anchor inflatables incorrectly to your roof

  • In our last blog, we discussed the importance of placing your roof inflatables away from chimneys, power lines, trees, and vents. We also recommend you avoid putting inflatables up there at all if your roof is steeper than 45 degrees. If you decide your inflatables can stand up to Colorado wind, avoid anchoring them with sandbags. Unfortunately, heavy sandbags are both dangerous to install and bad for your shingles. In general, you should avoid inflatables that don’t come with a wooden frame when it comes to roof inflatables.

DO: Tie inflatables down with twine or clips.

  • If your roof is designed to handle this type of anchoring, you are in good shape! Otherwise, we suggest you keep your inflatables in your lawn, where you can see and enjoy them along with your neighbors!

The holidays are a wonderful time of year and should be enjoyed to the fullest … while keeping in mind that Colorado has up to five more months of winter weather on the way afterwards. It is possible to enjoy your holiday decorations while preserving your roof so it can keep you warm and dry all winter long. No matter the case, Planet Roofing is here to help you year-round. If you find yourself in need of any roofing services, turn to us!’

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